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I mean, the internet is great and everything, but… 

Question Tuesday with Nat Wolff (aka Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars movie)



TCR | 2014.06.23 

This is so freaking surreal…

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Why I Love Makeup.


YA lit meme:
one author » John Green. 

And quiet is an interesting thing to talk about on YouTube because attention has become so fractured on the internet that there is no longer room in YouTube videos for any silence. [ x ]


John Green Novels | Animated Titles (more here)

I posted the LFA one earlier as a random animation practice and some of you seem to really enjoy it.. so I figured it’ll be fun to go and do the rest. I specifically had a hard time doing the TFiOS one because there are so many things I want to include (infinity sign, lungs and wine to name a few). After so many failed attempts, I ended up going for the swing set thing and I hope that does it.


John’s YouTube channels (at least the ones where he regularly shows his face). Daily Edit #41.